Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pentaho Spoon Installation

The first step is the installation of Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or higher. You can download a JRE
After this, you can simply unzip the zipfile: Kettle3.0.0. zip in a directory of your choice. In the Kettle directory where you unzipped the file, you will find a number of files. Under Unixlike environments (Solaris, Linux, MacOS, …) you will need to make the shell scripts executable. Execute these commands to make all shell scripts in the Kettle directory executable:

cd Kettle
chmod +x *.sh

Starting Spoon:.

To launch Spoon on the different platforms these are the scripts that are provided:
Spoon.bat: launch Spoon on the Windows platform.
sh spoon.sh: launch Spoon on a Unixlike
platform: Linux, Apple OSX, Solaris, ...
If you want to make a shortcut under the Windows platform an icon is provided: “spoon.ico” to set the correct icon. Simply point the shortcut to the Spoon.bat file.

Supported platforms
  1. The Spoon GUI is supported on the following platforms:
  2.  Microsoft Windows: all platforms since Windows 95, including Vista
  3.  Linux GTK: on i386 and x86_64 processors
  4.  Apple's OSX: works both on PowerPC and Intel machines
  5.  Solaris: using a Motif interface (GTK optional)
  6.  AIX: using a Motif interface
  7.  HPUX: